When you’re a star, it’s easy to be a star writer

A star athlete is the best writer in the world, according to an award-winning author and the founder of the New York Times bestseller “The Big Short.”In a new book,

Google Play book, ebook, app, ebook reader: What is it?

Google Play ebook means an electronic book.In most countries, an ebook is a book or book product, or a book that is available to read on a computer or mobile

“Make an ebook: how to use Adobe Reader for ebooks”

From the moment you pick up an ebook reader, it’s likely that you’ll be using it to do just about anything.In fact, the app itself has the capability to do

When to use free ebooks templates to write an ebook

Google News article Free eBook Template: What are Free ebooks?Free eBook templates are an amazing way to make an ebook easier to read.They are an easy way to quickly make

The best ebook subscription deal of 2017

In 2018, more than 2 million people have signed up for the free ebook download service EPUB Unlimited.But just how many people actually use it? How many people download books to

How To Get Your First Book Free in the Cloud

By: Michael Ching, VP of Product at Book Publishing and Distribution Platforms The most important lesson from all this is that you don’t have to spend big to get your

How to find your ebook deal at the most competitive prices

A year ago, when the price of ebooks dropped by 50 per cent, a group of readers decided to use the opportunity to buy the ebook they wanted, and it

How to get rid of eBooks in the future?

The future of e-books is about to get a whole lot less interesting.The UK’s digital publishing giant, Apple, has reportedly decided to remove the word “ebook” from the title of

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