How To Get Your First Book Free in the Cloud

By: Michael Ching, VP of Product at Book Publishing and Distribution Platforms The most important lesson from all this is that you don’t have to spend big to get your

How to find your ebook deal at the most competitive prices

A year ago, when the price of ebooks dropped by 50 per cent, a group of readers decided to use the opportunity to buy the ebook they wanted, and it

What if you could have the full, unlimited power of a Kindle for a fraction of the price?

The Kindle is the first device I’ve ever used that’s so good that I’ve never bought another.I’ve owned a Kindle Paperwhite, a Kindle Fire HDX, a few Kindles, and a

How to find the best ebooks for free online, and how to get more with Kindle Unlimited

Buy ebooks: A free ebook, a new book, a bundle.How to get the best value from all of these sources, including books for the iPad, Kindle, Android, and more.You might

Why is the best way to write an ebook not to use a typewriter?

The best way, according to a new report from The Canadian Press, is to create your own book on paper using a digital typewriter.“If you’ve got an idea for a

New York City’s book store will launch its first ebook with a $1,000 capstone edition – The Globe & Mail

The new online ebook book store, called The Book Store, is launching Monday with a launch price of $1.25, according to its website.It will also be available in bookstores and

What is a Kindle and what does it look like?

In a move that could potentially impact the ebooks market, Amazon announced it will be introducing a Kindle Fire tablet.According to a blog post on Amazon’s blog, the device will

How to Download Kindle eBooks Online

FourFourFive  (FTP) is the most popular ebook reader online. It has become a huge seller for those who want to read eBooks on the web.However, some users may not be able

Feed the Hungry: How to Create Your Own Feed the Hunger eBook Farm

With the advent of Kindle devices and the growing popularity of the ebook platform, the idea of buying a digital ebook for yourself has taken on a whole new meaning.Here

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