What you need to know about Kobo’s ‘101 Best Digital Editions’

When it comes to digital ebook sales, the Kobo Kobo eBooks are no longer king.As a result, the Kindle has fallen behind the iPad in the ebook sales race.As of

A child’s best book for the digital age

ebooksFor children, Adobe ebook reader is your best friend, says West academic ebook reader founder Chris Fonagy.It offers a convenient way to download a large number of ebooks and even

Why is the Best ebook app best?

Google’s ebook app is always the best app.That’s because it can do things like automatically save you to the cloud when you’re done reading or when you just want to

Why do I still need to pay for Kindle ebooks?

New Delhi, Aug. 31, 2018— A lot of readers have been using free ebooks to consume content on the Internet, but some of them, like my colleague Arun Sundararajan, have

Amazons Free Ebooks: A Guide to All of the Free EBooks

A new Amazon ebook book for doctors and nurses can save you thousands of dollars, thanks to Amazon’s Free eBook program.Doctors and nurses who have Amazon’s eBook program can save

How to Get Your Book Read: Readers and Authors Guide to Nook

We’ve all been there.When you need to find a book on your Kindle, but you’re having trouble locating a specific title or author, you search for it on Amazon and

How to read a Kindle ebook book on your iPad or Android device.

This week on TEEN TITLE, host Adam Savage and special guest Danielle O’Brien discuss how to read ebooks on your smartphone, tablet or PC.The show features excerpts from our newest

How to read ebooks in your Kindle book reader

We all know that reading ebooks on a Kindle device is the most difficult thing you can do on a tablet.That’s why Amazon and the rest of the ebook publishers

TechRadars ezBioresearch eBook and Book Review: Free ebooks and Free Books Online

The following articles were selected for the ezBioRadar eBook and book review.Free ebook websites are listed in alphabetical order.ezbioresearch is one of the few eBook services that has no expiration

Which Kindle app is the best one to download?

Download Kindle books for free via the free eBook app Planet eBook.But it’s only available for Apple and Android devices.Planet is the new eBook app from Planet Books, a company

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