Free ebooks from Amazon are coming to the Kindle for Kindle Fire users

The Amazon Kindle Fire is finally getting a free ebook reader app.

The app, titled Ebook Reader, is available in the App Store, and it allows users to purchase the Kindle books they want from Amazon directly from the app.

Users will need to log in to the Amazon Kindle app, click the book icon, and click on “Buy.”

The Kindle app is not currently available on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, though there are plans to include it in the future.

Amazon announced the new app in an update to the app on Tuesday, and now it is officially available.

“It’s time for the best ebooks on the Kindle,” Amazon wrote in the update.

“This new Kindle app makes it easier than ever to read your favorite books, even when you don’t have an Amazon Kindle.

It’s all in the app, so you can download the book and enjoy it wherever you are.”

The app has been available in beta since March, but has been in a state of flux since then.

The new app lets users download Kindle books, and purchase them from Amazon.

It also includes a book-downloader feature for those who have not yet purchased the books.

Amazon’s new ebook app will be a huge boost to the company’s Kindle line, which has seen strong sales and profits in recent months.

The Kindle Fire, which costs $299, is Amazon’s largest tablet yet, with over 200 million units sold worldwide.

Amazon launched the Kindle Fire HD 8 tablet in May, but the company is also making a comeback with the Kindle Paperwhite tablet.

Amazon also has the Kindle Fires HD and Paperwhite tablets in a few different flavors, including a $200 Kindle Fire 8 for $199, and a $99 Kindle Fire 7 for $99.

The company has also announced that the Kindle Voyage will also be available on October 31. 

For more on Amazon’s Kindle book offerings, check out our previous coverage of Amazon’s ebooks.

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