The Redskins are ‘still a playoff team’

The Washington Redskins are “still a Playoff Team” according to Fox Sports reporter Jay Glazer, who added that it will take a “long time” for the team to overcome some of the “terrible mistakes” made by the team this season.

“I don’t think you can say that the Redskins are a playoff caliber team right now,” Glazer said on Tuesday, adding that he believes the team will be “a playoff team” “in the long run” when the season begins.

“There’s a lot of things that can go wrong, a lot that can get to you, but they’re still a playoff franchise,” he said.

“They are a team that has won seven playoff games in a row, so it’s still a Playoff team.”

“They’re still in contention for the playoffs, they’re not out of it yet, but I think they’re probably a Playoff franchise right now.”

The Redskins have the second-worst record in the NFL, but Glazer added that the team has been able to make some “small but significant adjustments” in recent weeks.

“We’re definitely seeing improvement on certain plays, but the bigger issue is they’re starting to get the ball back,” he added.

“That’s been a big issue.

The biggest thing for us to get better at is getting back to the ball and getting that ball out of our offense and into the hands of our players.

We need to do a lot better on that.”

Glazer pointed out that quarterback Kirk Cousins has been “pretty quiet” and that the offensive line has been performing poorly in their last two games.

“The line, the right guard and the left tackle, that’s been really good, but we’re not getting the ball out in the passing game,” he continued.

“When you get it out of your offense and put it in the hands and run it, it’s just going to be a really, really good offensive unit.”

The 49ers have won three straight games and are coming off their bye week.

The Redskins haven’t played since October 11, and they have yet to defeat the 49ers in the regular season.

The teams last meeting came on October 30.

The 49er defense was forced to adjust to the return of starting left tackle Trent Williams from an injury suffered against the Seahawks, but Washington was able to run the ball effectively against the Niners.

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