How to find your ebook deal at the most competitive prices

A year ago, when the price of ebooks dropped by 50 per cent, a group of readers decided to use the opportunity to buy the ebook they wanted, and it didn’t take long for a sale to start.

“It was a great moment for everyone in the industry,” says Sarah McLeod, author of The Book Deal: A Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Your Book.

“I’m lucky to be in a position to do this now.”

The sale started on Jan. 4, and readers bought about 4,600 ebooks, including a number of popular titles like the Pulitzer Prize-winning debut of novelist Emily Gould.

The first sale was an overwhelming success, says McLeod.

“We’re doing something that no one had done before,” she says.

“If I had sold a few more copies, I’d be out of work.”

The price of a book has fallen since then, but the trend continues.

The average price of an ebook is about $7.50 in Canada, according to Nielsen BookScan.

“You can buy books for less in Canada than you would anywhere else,” says McGloures husband, Mark.

A lot of publishers now have online storefronts, and McGlougres has a number she recommends readers try. “

At the same time, the demand is so much higher in Canada and so much easier to get books in.”

A lot of publishers now have online storefronts, and McGlougres has a number she recommends readers try.

“In Canada, we have no one selling books for more than $3,000,” she said.

“That’s the best way to get an e-book.”

She recommends trying, which has a selection of books at competitive prices.

You can find a variety of e-books at $3.99 or less.

For a more expensive ebook, look at some of the other best sellers on

“Most of the titles on Amazon are for $3 to $4,” she notes.

“The reason that’s the case is because they’re all pretty hard to get, and they’re just so hard to find.”

McGloughres recommends finding the best deal on e-readers and e-pubs.

“There are lots of ereaders, and lots of books, but they’re also all very different, so you can get the same kind of experience, the same reading experience, but you’re getting something different, too,” she adds.

“Amazon, with its selection of titles, makes it easier to find what you want.”

Some of the best deals on the market include: Kindle Unlimited: $3 for $4, and a limited-time offer, with free shipping for the first year, for a limited time only.

You will not be charged more for shipping if you buy an additional Kindle.

Best Buy: $7 for $7, with a free Kindle Prime subscription for a year, and free shipping, on eligible orders.

“This is a great place to get a Kindle,” says Mark.

He also suggests using the site’s app to book deals and find what he wants.

The deal has fallen in price over the past few months.

McGlodres says he plans to continue to try the Amazon app and website to find e-reader deals and book offers.

She says she will also continue to research and search for other great deals online, and to share the best ones with her readers.

“My goal is to continue doing that,” she added.

“So, yeah, I think I’m going to continue that.”

McLeod says she’s also looking for books that might help her sell more books.

“Books that help me sell more of my stuff are always a great thing to do,” she tells the story.

“But the more you read about how you can make money through ebooks and how you’re able to sell books and how to sell products through your e-commerce business, the more I want to do that.”

To learn more about how to find the best e-store deals, check out our guide: How to Find Your eBook Deal at the Most Competitive Prices.

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