‘The Big Bang Theory’ author James Corden will be returning to TV soon, but we can’t wait for the rest of the series to premiere

The new season of The Big Bang, premiering March 21, features a very different look from the one we saw last year, but this time the showrunners have a good reason for doing it: They have a long list of characters to tell, a long story to tell and a whole lot of money to be made.

We’re already hearing the buzz that the series will be getting a second season, but now we know why.

The Big Bend Season 2 will be a big one.

We know from the trailer that the first season had a very long opening and a lot of big moments that took place in that first half of the episode.

But the season finale will have some surprises for the audience, too.

We have some ideas about what we’re going to see, but they’re not entirely clear yet.

The premiere will be the most important episode of the season, according to co-executive producer Amy Sherman-Palladino, who said, “It’s going to be very exciting for the fans.

It’s the biggest thing we’ve ever done, and it’s our big payoff.”

Here are the new details:There’s a lot going on in this episode.

We’re going for an epic look at the beginning of the universe and how that starts to change.

It will be our big, big payoff.

We really do think it’s going be the best episode of The Bang Theory.

The first two seasons were all just big payoff episodes, and now this is the big payoff episode.

There are so many different twists, it’s like we’re getting to see all the different things that are happening in the universe that we’re watching unfold, and that’s a really cool way to go.

I think the Big Bang is going to go through a lot, especially because the episode is a big story.

We haven’t seen anything like this, and we haven’t done anything like it in The Big B. We just got to see how much of it is true, and how much is a dream and how little is a story.

The biggest reveal of all is that the universe is changing, and the universe isn’t changing the way we’ve seen it change over the years.

It’s really a big payoff for us, and I think the first two years of The B were just really fun, and then this is going for the biggest payoff ever.

That’s the big one, and there’s a whole bunch of different things happening, but it’s not all just about that.

The big reveal, the big revelation, is that our universe is really changing.

And it’s really interesting to see the changes happen, and you don’t know exactly what’s going on, and everyone is so confused.

But it’s also really exciting to see what’s happening in a new way.

I think that’s what this episode is about.

I’m sure you’re not going to like it.

I don’t think it is a surprise, but I think it was the most exciting thing for the show.

The fact that we were so excited that people are going to tune in, and so many people are watching and that the show is on, I think is a testament to the show and the team.

The show has a very strong and long history, and this is a really exciting one.

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