A new book on the history of the Aboriginal community in Australia is to be published by Oxford University Press

Bookseller News.au has launched a new ebook about the history and politics of the Torres Strait Islander community in Australian history.

The book will be published on May 19.

The Indigenous history of Australia is part of a wider push by publishers and publishers’ groups to push back against the narrative that has been passed down from one generation to the next, the organisation said.

Indigenous Australians were a group of people from around Australia, who were traditionally considered to be different and to be inferior to the non-Indigenous population.

Indigenous peoples were often portrayed as savages or barbarians.

Indigenous people have had to bear the brunt of the economic downturn of the 1980s and 1990s.

Bookseller Publishing Australia’s Chief Executive Mark Smith said it was important to push forward in the fight for Indigenous history.

“We are the authors of a new book, but it’s a new chapter in the history book,” Mr Smith said.

“It is about the experiences and the histories of Indigenous Australians.”

This is the first book we’ve put out about the Torres Straits Islander people in Australia.

It tells their stories, the stories of how they came together, what they did, what happened.

“We hope it will be a catalyst for discussion and debate.”

Bookseller Books Australia CEO and Co-Founder Paul Smith said the book was about the importance of publishing and the work of Indigenous people.

“What we do at Bookseller is we want to bring together the best in the book trade, the best of the best publishers and booksellers, to create books that we believe are going to have a massive impact on the lives of our customers,” he said.

Booksellers and publishers are often under pressure to do what they can to ensure that the narrative about Indigenous people is not lost in the shuffle.

Mr Smith also said it would be wrong to ignore the historical legacy of the Australian government and the Indigenous people who have fought to keep the country’s past.

“The truth is we are an Indigenous nation, we are a people of the soil, we have lived in this land for a long time, and we have a story to tell,” he explained.

“So we need to take up our position, our role, and speak up.”

Bookseller Publishing Australia is currently undertaking research and planning for the publication of the book.

“There is a real appetite for understanding what happened in the Torres Islander homeland during the past 100 years and how that changed the lives and the way people thought about themselves and their place in this country,” Mr David Hutton said.

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