‘Queen of the Books’ book: Queen Elizabeth II is ‘one of the great leaders of her generation’

August 6, 2021 0 Comments

Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip visit the United States of America on April 25, 2020, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the American Revolution.

They visited New York City and Washington DC.

The Queen is said to have been impressed by the “fearless, courageous and fearless leadership” of the men who took up arms against British rule in the American colonies.

The visit came at a time when the Queen was trying to promote the book ‘Queen Elizabeth I’ by American author William A. Blackstone, and her sister Princess Eugenie, who was the first British woman to become the world’s first woman head of state.

She is said by many to have admired her mother, Queen Victoria, for her ability to inspire and inspire others.

“I think she was inspired by that of her great-great-great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, who had a great courage and a great vision, and she saw the strength of that vision and saw the way in which that vision could inspire others,” Prince Philip told a joint press conference with his sister Princess Elizabeth on April 24.

They also visited the US State Department, which is said have been “absolutely delighted” by the Queen’s book.

“The State Department has been absolutely delighted by her book, she’s written it herself, and it’s very impressive,” he said.

He said the Queen and the Queen of England have spoken several times since then, and the two have talked regularly on the phone, as well as by phone, in the past.

Prince Philip said the couple is keen to talk more about the Queen, as “she’s the one that we all want to talk to and listen to, and I think she has a very special place in our hearts”.

“She’s a great person.

She’s a wonderful person,” he added.

“She and I have a great relationship, I’m sure.”

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