Washington Post: ‘Cheap eBooks’ for $3.99

August 3, 2021 0 Comments

A bunch of big ebooks for $9.99 each.

The Washington Post’s $3-per-book promotion will kick off on March 15.

“You can now buy ebooks at Amazon for less than $3.”

Read moreRead moreNews outlets will be selling the books at $9, as well.

That means if you buy a book at a store for $10 and then buy it online for $8, you’ll still save $5.

You’ll get a coupon that is applied to the price of the ebook at the checkout counter.

The Post’s price point will be lower than many other publications, so if you want to buy a cheaper version, you may want to shop around.

Read moreRead all about Amazon’s ebook price cuts and ebook buying here:Amazon price cuts for more than a year, with a major impact on ebooksNow Amazon has reduced its price on most books.

The company is trying to get people to read the books, and so it has slashed prices for some of its most popular books. 

In some cases, it’s not that big a change, but it’s a big deal.

Amazon says it has made some changes, but overall, the company is not changing its pricing strategy for its ebooks.

In fact, Amazon says its goal is to make the books cheaper and more accessible to everyone, so that everyone will be able to read them.

Amazon’s price cuts are happening on a “per-subscription basis” with a “frequent delivery” policy.

The idea is to keep people from jumping ship to a new service.

Amazon has said it will continue to reduce the price, but with a focus on books.

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