How to get free ebook titles from ProQuest, Amazon, and Kobo this week

July 29, 2021 0 Comments

There are some great free ebook publishers out there right now, but a few of them are starting to get a little pricier and offer fewer titles than you might think.

If you’re looking to pick up a free ebook title for your Kindle, Apple iPad, or other ereader, you’re going to have to wait a while for the new publishers to open up.

Here are the top ebooks publishers and ebook services in the US this week.

Read on for all the details, but here are the books you should be looking at:For a limited time, ProQuest and Amazon are giving away free ebook copies of their titles for the next seven days.

They will expire on December 31st, and you can grab the free titles by clicking the banner below.

You can grab this offer as a separate subscription or for just $10 per month.

ProQuest has a pretty decent selection of free ebooks right now.

Here are a few you might like:For another example of the great selection, Amazon is offering free copies of all the best indie titles on their site for the week of December 13.

This includes a lot of indie titles you may not have heard of, like this one:ProQuest is also offering the same titles for free, but with a few added restrictions.

Here’s a list of the titles you’ll need to sign up for:These two books are the best value at $5.99 apiece, and the ones you should definitely consider grabbing.

These are great deals, especially for people who need a quick read, or who want to read books that aren’t always available for free.

Amazon’s Kindle Prime is also worth a look if you want to get some more free eBooks from the publisher.

This is one of the more popular titles in the market, and Amazon is making it even easier to find the best of the best.

For the first time ever, Amazon has created a free version of The Handmaid’s Tale, which is available for only $9.99.

It’s also a very good deal.

The Amazon Kindle app is also giving away one free Kindle Paperwhite tablet for every 100 people who sign up.

This deal is a good deal, as it will give you the same Kindle Paperbook for a much smaller cost.

If you’re in the mood for more, here’s what you can get for free with these two deals:These are the two best-selling books for Kindle this week, with both offering excellent deals.

The first is by bestselling author and sci-fi author Jo Walton, and it’s a great deal.

The second is a collection of short stories by the same author, and that one is a great value at just $9 a piece.

These two deals are the second best-sellers on Amazon’s Kindle Store, with the best-seller on the left selling for $8.99, while the bestseller on this list is a $2.99 paperback edition of the series by award-winning author Margaret Atwood.

You can get free copies by using coupon code “FREE” when you click the banner above.

Here’s another great deal for Amazon.

If your Kindle has the Amazon Kindle Reader app installed, you can download a free copy of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey for $4.99 per month (or $7.99 for the Kindle Paperfire, which has the reader app).

This is a really good deal on a new book from acclaimed author James Patterson, and he has a new ebook coming out on January 1.

The book is called The Unearthly Child, and Patterson is giving away copies for free for a limited amount of time.

This book is an amazing book, and for just a little bit more than the price of the book itself, you get the best Kindle reading experience.

Patterson’s latest novel is called Mormont: The Gathering Storm.

It’ll be available for just about any device, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

If there’s one book you should not miss out on, it’s probably this one.

It is one the best fantasy books of all time, and with good reason.

It has a world that will make your heart beat faster, and there are some truly epic scenes in it.

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