How to Buy A Kindle Book in 5 Easy Steps

July 7, 2021 0 Comments

I’ve recently been a reader of a lot of books.

I’ve read books from the likes of Jonathan Franzen, James Patterson, and more, but it’s books that have helped me grow and develop a taste for reading.

This article is a collection of the best books I’ve ever read and will help you find your perfect reading spot.

The book recommendations below are based on my personal tastes and what I consider to be the best reading books of 2017.

It should be noted that I’m not necessarily talking about the best novels in any particular genre, but the best of the current year.

If you’re looking for a book with a particular book-ish theme, I suggest picking up a book from my personal reading list.

Read More , or some other favorite title that I found particularly good this year.

As a matter of fact, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a book you like here.

It’s not about what book I’ve always liked, but about what books I think are worth reading this year, and how you can find that one book you want to buy. 


What I Love About Reading Books: A Year in Review, by Elizabeth Kolbert, Penguin Random House, Hardcover, 496 pages, ISBN 978-1-89544-903-3, Hardback Edition, $50.00  2.

The Secret Life of Pets: The New Breed of Pet, by David Allen, Penguin, Kindle, paperback, ebook, hardcover, ebook edition, $25.00  3.

How to Become a Great Listener, by Neil Gaiman, Simon & Schuster, paperback edition, hardback, ebook edition, $15.00 4.

How Not to Be a Failure: An Uncommon Sense of Purpose, by Steve Bannon, Penguin Hardcover Edition, Kindle Edition, paperback version, ebook version, $20.00 5.

The Joy Luck Club: How We Found the Power of Habit, by Susan Cain, Penguin Penguin Hardback, Kindle edition, paperback copy, ebook copy, $10.00 6.

What We Really Think: The Art of Living, by Paulo Coelho, Penguin Book Review, paperback $20, paperback edition , paperback and e-book, $30.00 7. 

How to Be Your Best Self, by Michael Pollan, HarperCollins, Kindle hardcover $50, Kindle paperback $35, Kindle e-reader, $60.00 8. 

The Power of Tidying: The 7 Habits That Will Transform Your Life, by Stephen Covey, HarperTeen, Kindle Hardcover $40, Kindle eBook edition, ebook and paperback, $35.00 9. 

What’s the Difference Between a Success Story and A Great Story?

by Susan Fallon, HarperBusiness, Kindle version, paperback hardback $20 , Kindle and ebook versions, $28.00 10. 

Do You Know Who You Are?: A Guide to Being Human, by Peter Singer, Penguin New York, Kindle editions, ebook versions $10, Kindle print edition, e-books and ebooks, $14.00 11. 

Why We Think: Why We Believe, by Jonathan Haidt, Oxford University Press, paperback print edition $35 , print editions, and $35 $30, €25 ($45 £30) 12. 

10 Things I Learned from My 10-Year Mission to Stop Bullying, by Joanna Robinson, St. Martin’s Press, Kindle edition $50 , ebook print edition and paperback, paperback editions, and eBooks, ($50 £50) 13. 

Life Is Good: The Psychology of Happiness, by Brian Daley, Penguin Hardcover, Kindle & paperback editions $20, Kindle ebook edition ($20 £20) 14. 

No Easy Day: The Power Of Habit, and the Art of Keeping It, by Dara Khosrowshahi, Harper Collins, ebook hardcover ($40 £35) 15. 

8 Habits to Build a Better Life, Part 3: How to Break Up With Your Life , by Dan Ariely, Penguin Paperback, paperback paperback edition $25, paperback & ebook editions ($25 £25) 16. 

7 Habit-Building Tips to Keep Your Head on a Wall, by Scott Adams,  Penguin Paperbacks, Kindle (hardcover) & paperback editions $20 17. 

  What Happens When You Take Your Life Back, by Amy Tan,  St.

Martin’s Press Hardcover $25, Hardback edition (hardback) $40, Kindle edition & $50 €30 (ebook) 18. 

5 Habits You Can Use to Start the New Year, by Ben Johnson,  HarperCollins Hardcover edition $20  ($30 £

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