How to get a Kindle for $49 and back again — and still get the book you want?

June 17, 2021 0 Comments

How much can you spend on ebooks?

You can pay as little as $9.99 per month to get the Kindle edition of your favorite book for $9,999.99, or you can get it for just $7.99 a month and get it back again, for just over $2.99.

But the vast majority of ebooks are sold for much more, and Amazon is betting that most people will never pay much more than $8.99 for the ebooks they want, which is what Amazon has been offering for a while now.

But the big question is: How much of a premium can you get?

That depends on the type of book you buy.

For example, if you want a paperback version of your book, you can probably get a $7 ebook for just under $8 a month.

But if you’re buying a paperback edition of a $20,000 book, that’s going to cost you $20.80, according to Amazon.

And then there’s the issue of shipping.

Amazon’s Kindle Prime service lets you pay for a free two-day shipping to anywhere in the U.S., but there’s a catch.

If you buy a new Kindle for a birthday, graduation, or other special occasion, you’ll have to pay $14.99 to get it shipped to you.

You can do this through Amazon Prime, or via Amazon’s own fulfillment service.

But Amazon says that’s not the case for most other ebooks.

Amazon’s latest Kindle ebooks will ship within a week or so of your purchase.

For books that cost more than that, Amazon will charge you $9 for the ebook you want to buy.

You will then have to wait another week or two for the book to ship.

If the book isn’t on Amazon’s delivery schedule by then, you won’t get your books shipped, and you’ll get nothing.

You can also find some ebooks for sale through Amazon’s online store.

But for $7 a month, Amazon’s free shipping on those ebooks is worth it.

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