Which Free ebooks App Is Best For Kindle Owners?

June 5, 2021 0 Comments

On Thursday, I wrote about an app that lets you easily create a free ebook, but which I didn’t really get a chance to try until I stumbled upon the FCPX app.

The FCP X app lets you edit an ebook, copy it to your hard drive, and then export it, all without having to open a program like Adobe’s OneDrive or Google Docs.

It’s a great app for editing free eBooks, but it’s not exactly for making digital copies of books.

FCP’s own Free Ebooks app has a similar concept: a book that’s already written can be saved to a hard drive and then edited to make it look more professional.

I used FCPx to edit my own book, and I found that the app didn’t have a lot of options to adjust the text or colors to make my copy look better.

(You can adjust everything else using the settings menu in the app.)

While the editing tools in the Fcp X app aren’t particularly powerful, it did help me tweak the book so that it looked more professional and didn’t look like a Photoshop-inspired mishmash of letters and punctuation marks.

I ended up choosing the Fetch and Convert apps as my editing tools, which are great for editing eBooks you already own, and it helped me make a few edits that were perfect for my purposes.

The apps are both free and both work in a similar way, and you can even use them to download ebooks from other apps.

If you’re new to FCP, I recommend checking out the free e-book editor FCP Plus, but FCP doesn’t come without a price tag.

For a $4.99 annual subscription, FCP x also offers a full suite of editing tools like color correction, copy-editing, copy and pasting, copy editing, and much more.

Fcp x is available for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire tablets.

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