A child’s best book for the digital age

ebooksFor children, Adobe ebook reader is your best friend, says West academic ebook reader founder Chris Fonagy.It offers a convenient way to download a large number of ebooks and even

When Will Amazon Bring Amazon Kindle to My Books?

With a new $100 Kindle e-reader, Amazon’s new $200 Kindle Fire, and a new Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon has created a new class of e-readers, one that can take full advantage

Kindle ebooks subscription is free for new customers

We are now live at a time when it’s easy for us to make changes to our ebook subscriptions.It’s a great time to review our new ebooks and to get

Why is the Best ebook app best?

Google’s ebook app is always the best app.That’s because it can do things like automatically save you to the cloud when you’re done reading or when you just want to

How to find the best ebooks for free online, and how to get more with Kindle Unlimited

Buy ebooks: A free ebook, a new book, a bundle.How to get the best value from all of these sources, including books for the iPad, Kindle, Android, and more.You might

Why I’m Leaving Scribd (EBook)

In this episode of The Next Step, the authors of Plr (a short story collection for children) discuss why they’re leaving Scribd, why they think they’re better off with a

Which country has the best ebook reading experience?

A number of countries are offering ebook readers at lower prices than before, and one of them is the United States.It is worth noting that most ebook readers on the

Why is the best way to write an ebook not to use a typewriter?

The best way, according to a new report from The Canadian Press, is to create your own book on paper using a digital typewriter.“If you’ve got an idea for a

‘The Big Bang Theory’ author James Corden will be returning to TV soon, but we can’t wait for the rest of the series to premiere

The new season of The Big Bang, premiering March 21, features a very different look from the one we saw last year, but this time the showrunners have a good

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